Here it is…My Book Announcement

Yes. I have been MIA over the last two months and a pretty bad blogger to boot. In my defense, I have been editing like a madwoman (but more on this adventure later this week). I have returned with a promise to update this blogaroo on a regular basis. As I get closer to my deadline, I expect lots of exciting news and much needed vent sessions to fill these posts.

I have returned to the blogging world to share some SUPER news. My book deal has been officially announced on Publishers Weekly. I guess that means this whole thing is really happening. Pretty surreal, my friends. You can check out the blurb below:

Young Adult
Tiffany Truitt’s CHOSEN ONES, in which a condemned seventeen-year-old Natural forced to serve penance at the Council of Creator’s training and breeding facility falls into forbidden love with a flawed, artificially-bred Chosen One, forcing both to question what it means to be created — or human — and how they can stop those who would play God with humanity, to Heather Howland at Entangled, in a three-book deal, for publication in Spring 2012 (World).