Six Sentence Sunday

So, I’ve finally decided to participate in Six Sentence Sunday. It took me awhile this morning to decide which six sentences from The Chosen Ones to share. You want to entice the reader, but don’t want to give too much away. (Don’t you hate spoilers?). I decided to share the first six sentences from the novel’s prologue…well, it’s not really a prologue, but more like a framing device. It sets the tone of the novel and offers the reader some insight as to the novel’s main conflicts. I hope you enjoy:

They taught us all the wrong things growing up.

They didn’t teach us what it meant to want.

Or that there was a certain kind of purity in feeling.

They taught us about lust but not love.

About losing power but not gaining it.

They didn’t teach us girls what we needed to know.

The Chosen Ones will be out in April!!


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