Six Sentence Sunday 2/5/12

Today’s Six Sentences come from my debut novel, The Chosen Ones, which will be released in April!! I don’t want to give too much away, but I hope the sentences below help build the tension. When Tess, the novel’s protagonist, starts working at Templeton, a training center for young chosen ones, she begins to realize the place has many ,many secrets to keep.

The smell hit me first. It was unfamiliar and seemed out of place in the chosen ones’ posh training center. It burned my nostrils. I tried to push my nose under the top of my cotton shirt, but still the odor invaded my space.

The light of the room was blinding and so different from the natural light that streamed from the windows of the upper levels of Templeton. Here in the basement, the darkness felt like it was hiding Templeton’s secrets.


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