Six Sentence Sunday and my Book Trailer (2/12/12)

Today’s six sentences reveal some of the tensions between the chosen ones and the naturals. As punishment for her sister’s sins, Tess is sentenced to work in Templeton, a training center for young chosen ones. While working there, she begins to suspect that everything the council told her about why the chosen ones were created was a lie. I hope you enjoy this week’s excerpt. Also, check back this week for some big, BIG news!! Below the scene, you will find the awesome book trailer for The Chosen Ones.


“What is this thing?” a boy asked, sizing me up.

It is what it is,” another one of them said. His words snapped me from my dizzy recollections. His eyes lingered on my shirt, focusing on the undone buttons. This seemed to be rather amusing to the others, as they all laughed.

“Are you lost?” one of them asked with a sloppy grin.


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