News Galore

While I am busy plugging away at the sequel to my debut novel, it appears The Chosen Ones is getting ready for its coming out party. Excuse me while I imagine my novel dressed in a ballgown, carefully and gracefully walking down a winding marble stair case.

Ok. Enough of that.

I wanted to share with you some of the awesome attention the novel has received as of late:

First of all…I am going to be an internationally published author!! When I found out the news about a  week ago, I texted several friends and that was one of my best friend’s immediate responses. It stilled me. A real eye opener. This has been the strangest, seriously bi-polar year of my life, but that moment will always be with me. Here is the announcement:

AdA, a Quebec based publisher, has licensed the world French language rights for Tiffany Truitt’s Lost Souls Trilogy.  Book one in the series, Chosen Ones, is slated for a spring release here in the United States through Entangled, and is already garnering pre-sale buzz.  Chosen Ones is a highly anticipated dystopian YA novel, now to be published in French, as well.

I am so thankful to be working with Entangled Publishing. I know we will all have much more to celebrate in the near future.

And let’s not forget my novel has received it’s first review. I don’t intend to read many of these, but this being the first one makes it sort of special. Click here to check it out…

Oh, and you can now pre-order my novel at

Please check back soon for a seriously cool contest announcement. You will LOVE the prizes. Trust.

5 thoughts on “News Galore”

  1. This is good news Ms.Truitt. I send my congratulations to you. And I wish you luck on writing the chosen ones. Im sure the book will read like a roller coaster ride.

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