YAY 4 YA Day 2: Chosen Ones Reviews

Today marks day 2 of YAY 4 YA  I want to thank Novel Novice again for their wonderful write-up, and for the opportunity to share my first stop on the blog tour with one of my favorite blogs around.

My second stop on the tour takes me to Girls in the Stacks. I really love reading their reviews. Head on over there for the first look at the earliest reviews for The Chosen Ones.

Now…what you’ve been waiting for…..your chance to win some super cool prizes. In case you have forgotten, here is a brief recap on what you can win and how you can win it:

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At the conclusion of YAY 4 YA, I will be picking 5 winners at random to win the following:

2 winners will receive: a signed Chosen Ones poster, a signed Chosen Ones arc, AND a signed Mortal Instruments poster by Cassandra Clare

3 additional winners will win: a signed Mortal Instruments poster by Cassandra Clare and an e-book version of The Chosen Ones

Today’s question – Write a 5 sentence review of the last YA book you read.

Check back tomorrow for another opportunity to enter your name in the drawing. The YAY 4 YA tour is as follows:

Monday, April 23rd Novel Novice

Tuesday, April 24th Girls in the Stacks

Wednesday, April 25th Hypable

Thursday, April 26th Mundie Moms

Friday, April 27th The Readiacs

And now a sneak peek at The Chosen Ones (Available for Pre-order now at Barnes and Noble and Amazon and in-stores on June 12th)

The room was a mixture of browns and greens, marble floors and wood. Rows and rows of books covered the walls. A leather couch with giant olive green pillows sat next to the end table. And then I saw it. I went still.

A piano.

My aching fingers grazed the keys, and then I quickly pulled my hands back from the slick coldness. I considered touching it again. It might help to block out thoughts of the many things I had lost. It would be like medicine.

I gently, hesitantly, pushed down a key. It quivered slightly under my touch. The hair on the back of my neck shot up, and my skin tingled. I imagined this was what it felt like to fall in love. In that moment, I was ready to fall.

I repeated the same movements over and over again, playing the only song I could recall. The song my father had taught me. How long had I been here? I couldn’t tell. Somewhere in the middle of my dark euphoria, I heard it, a quiet, intruding noise that stirred my senses from their hypnotized state and made me freeze in place. I had trained my instincts to be sharp. Never as sharp as a chosen one’s, but useful all the same.

Someone, or something, had cleared his throat.

I was aware of him behind me. I could hear him breathing. From that noise, I tried to determine my fate. Did it sound angry? Disgusted? I couldn’t move as I heard the noise of steps getting closer. I knew I wouldn’t be able to escape—not because my body wouldn’t work. Not because I wasn’t brave enough to make a run for it. I couldn’t leave the piano.

That was when I saw him. It was the chosen one from my branding. Not the one who held me down as the iron burned into my skin.

This was the one who was beautiful.


8 thoughts on “YAY 4 YA Day 2: Chosen Ones Reviews”

  1. Last book that I read is The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton
    My review on amazon

    Five sentence review:
    It was a ‘superglue’ that kept me reading without any stop till the last page. This is the first ever book where I read about wiccans and it was really interesting to read. Rebecca’s writing style is so descriptive and lyrical that I was able to imagine each and every scene as f I was present in the story. I liked Sophia she is not a cry baby, she is a fighter who is ready to fight her fight alone. I am eagerly waiting for the next book in series because there are any questions in my mind and I want to know what happens next…

    I follow you on twitter as @miliminni
    And on FB as Anubha Agrawal

  2. The Traitor in the Tunnel by Y.S. Lee is the third Mary Quinn mystery and I loved reading it. First of all, this mystery has to do with the royal family. A palace with some not so savory ladies (I’m not going to name names, or point fingers), and lets’ not forget Mary’s love interest is finally back—thank you Y.S. Lee! Also this book is a historical fiction with romance, espionage, and a plot that draws you in and keeps you flipping pages to find out more. All-in-all The Traitor in the Tunnel is one of my favorite books so far this year.
    P.S. I’m already following you on twitter @Mont4_A.

  3. The book was a great love story. With two guys deeply in love with the same girl. She loves them both but in very diffrent ways. The guys would do anything for her they would protecte, lie, even kill for her. But in the end only one truly has her heart

    I follow you on twitter @landez956
    Fb at Amber Landez

  4. I knew that Pretty Amy would be the perfect read for me, since I have recently become obsessed with contemporary YA literature. I could tell from the description that Amy would be a girl that I’d relate to (minus the whole jail thing). This book could easily have been called Pretty Jenna, a comical (albeit exaggerated) retelling of my youth. To sum it all up, if you are a woman and you currently are or ever have been a teenager, I welcome you: THIS is the story of your life.

    I follow you on Twitter: @MTGReviews
    I follow you on Facebook: Jenna DeTrapani

  5. Divergent by Veronica Roth
    In a futuristic Chicago, all people choose a faction (or group) to live, work, and survive in. Beatrice has grown up in a faction that values selflessness and now she has to choose whether to stay with her family or join a new faction that she has no experience with. This book was amazing and a very good read for anyone interested in dystopian novels. Beatrice and Four are believable characters and walk us through a phenomenal story. For anyone who liked The Hunger Games, Divergent would be for you!

    Let me just tell you, writing about one of my favorite books in only 5 small sentences is HARD!

  6. I re-read one of my favorite books -“Battle Royale”.

    Battle Royale is a Japanese book which is occurred in a reality when Japan has a dictator government. To assure its control on the population, it adopts some extreme measures; every year, a class is being raffled to take a part in the Program; a “game” where each classmate has to kill his friends in order to survive. The last member alive is the winner.

    I loved the novel. (although that the translation was FAIL).
    after buying the book and finishing it, I’d say its definitely a worth buy.
    Battle Royale is excellent dystonian novel that is both gripping and original.I couldn’t put the book down. literally.
    Battle Royale is very graphic, violence, bloody and gory. it doesn’t sugar coat things. the characters have to deal with real issues.
    I cried like a baby while I was reading the novel. you learn the background of nearly every character. You really don`t want them to die in the end.
    I have never read anything like it.
    Read it.

    I follow you on Twitter- @kyo0chan
    and Facebook- Tal Rejwan

    1. Sorry! I can’t writing about one of my favorite books in only 5 sentences!
      But here, if I must….

      Battle Royale is a Japanese book which is occurred in a reality when Japan has a dictator government. To assure its control on the population, it adopts some extreme measures; every year, a class is being raffled to take a part in the Program; a “game” where each classmate has to kill his friends in order to survive. The last member alive is the winner.
      I have never read anything like it (in a good way). Read it.

  7. Masque of the Red Death is a dark, captivating story of a young broken girl who seeks Oblivion from her daily life. Then there’s Will and Elliot who both compete for Araby’s affections and have their own dark secrets. Expect major shocks, heartbreaking moments, romance, betrayal and tons of twists and turns that will keep you on your toes! Read this book right now! It will leave readers yearning for the second installment!

    – This was SO hard!! My review of this was about 7 paragraphs so to shorten it to 5 sentences was tough! 😀

    -Twitter: @StephLikesBooks

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