YAY 4 YA Day 4: If You Like….You Might Like The Chosen Ones

Sorry for the late post, but one of my great friends just got engaged and we celebrated last night with a baseball game. Shame on me I know. Today, I have the great pleasure of spending day 4 of YAY 4 YA at the incredible Mundie Moms. I had the pleasure of working with them in conjunction with YALITCHAT, and they are made of awesome sauce.

Today’s blog topic? If You Like…You Might Like The Chosen Ones. I explore other YA series that share similar themes and conflicts as The Chosen Ones.

Now…without any more of a wait…today’s question. And, of course, you do remember how to win super cool prizes, right? If not, here is a reminder:

You will be entered one time for each of the following: leaving a comment, following me on twitter (make sure you tell me in the comments section that you followed), and liking my Facebook page.

At the conclusion of YAY 4 YA, I will be picking 5 winners at random to win the following:

2 winners will receive: a signed Chosen Ones poster, a signed Chosen Ones arc, AND a signed Mortal Instruments poster by Cassandra Clare

3 additional winners will win: a signed Mortal Instruments poster by Cassandra Clare and an e-book version of The Chosen Ones

Today’s Question: What is your favorite YA series and why?

And now…another excerpt from The Chosen Ones

The crowd was vibrating with excitement. They were like rabid dogs waiting to sink their teeth into something, waiting to spread their infection. I demanded my eyes open and I saw George and James both on their feet, George’s hands wrapped around James’s neck. Each boy’s face was now blood-red, sweat covering their brows.

Wasn’t someone going to stop this? It was too much; it had gone too far. Some of the girls watched with dread, but none dared speak up. Much to my horror, a few of them looked like they were enjoying it. Because they were fascinated by the way the boys’ bodies moved, or because they were happy to watch our oppressors tear each other to shreds? Of course they didn’t know James was mine and I was his.

It was then I realized that I was walking closer, my body leading me right to the center of the circle.

“Stop!” I screamed.

James’s head snapped in my direction at that moment. That was all it took—one simple distraction. George grabbed onto James’s arm and twisted it, and my ears were filled with a sickening snap. James fell to the floor in pain; I could hear him moaning. George backed away, his hands held up in surrender. “I give in,” he yelled to the crowd.

It was my fault. I had distracted him, had set him up. It was all happening too quickly now. My ears were buzzing. Before I could move to help James, he pulled himself to his feet with a grunt. Something passed before his eyes that I had only seen once before—on the videos of the first chosen one killing the prisoners of war. Any sense of humanity that existed in him had slipped away.

James pulled his good arm back and let it fly. Even the other chosen ones gasped at the strength and determination he exhibited. He kept hitting and hitting and hitting. George crumpled to the floor, and still James didn’t stop.

The James I knew had been replaced with the war machine the council had intended him to be.

And the blood was everywhere. All I could see was how much the substance had tainted my life. Would violence always find me? Of course it would.

If the boy I loved more than anyone else could become a monster, what hope did I have?



7 thoughts on “YAY 4 YA Day 4: If You Like….You Might Like The Chosen Ones”

  1. At the current moment my favorite YA series is the Mythos Academy by Jennifer Estep. I love the mythology genre, and Estep’s take on it draws you in and keeps you there. I love the world she built and how she incorporated the different Gods, Goddesses, and warrior types.
    Still following you on twitter @Mont4_A

  2. My favorite YA series is the Tiger’s Curse saga by Colleen Houck. Why? I love the combination of Indiana Jones mixed with fantasy, mythology and exotic places. Added bonus: Hot Indian princes who turn into tigers! Plus, Colleen is a skilled writer and a wonderful person. Her attention to detail and beautiful prose make the story all the more better. Her characters are to DIE for. We even have the luxury to met new characters in each installment. Magic, mayhem and plenty of romance… what’s not to like??

    I follow you on Twitter: @MTGReviews
    I follow you on Facebook: Jenna DeTrapani
    imakethegrade at gmail dot com

  3. My favorite YA series is Mediator series by Meg Cabot, it was one of my first YA read after Twilight but I love it the most I don’t know why, maybe because of the paranormal stuff or because of the characters it was so much well written that I was drawn to the story an couldn’t keep it down… And also the sexy ghost Jesse and the leading lady Suze were one of the reason for my liking towards the series… 🙂

    Already follow on twitter as @miliminni
    On FB as Anubha Agrawal
    And also via email: anubha56(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. This is a very tough question! I’m a HUGE fan of Cassandra Clare, she’s my favourite author so I love The Mortal Instruments series, plus The Infernal Devices. I also love Julie Kagawa’s The Iron Fey series! So hard! 😀

    -Twitter: @StephLikesBooks

  5. Favorite YA series??? It is so hard to choose just one. And even though more books from other series have come out and been read by me, my favorite series might just be The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth. I was so enthralled with that book and have been no so patiently awaiting Insurgent to continue learning about the characters. SO GOOD!

  6. There are too many favorites!! So here’s one: Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta. Why? My favorite genre is fantasy, and the Lumatere Chronicles are a beautifully written fantasy. It has amazing characters, a rich history, and a wonderful setting. It also hooks you in from page one, and you can’t stop reading. Overall, such an amazing series.

  7. Followed on Twitter and liked FB page 🙂 And my favorite YA series issssss THE SHADOWHUNTER CHRONICLES by Cassandra Clare (haha). That’s not a series in itself, but as a whole I’m a shadowhunter avid-fan. I like them because I love the world that Cassie has made. There are so many people, places, and things that strike me as well-developed and beautiful. I would love to dive into the characters’ story and live amongst them. I have to say, it can definitely be compared to the HP series. So many vibrant details and feelings.

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