Debut Novel Contest – Where in the World is The Chosen Ones?

In about a week my debut novel hits the shelves. Everyone has been asking me how this feels and I can only answer: surreal. Besides anxiety, it hasn’t quite set in yet. I’ve been chasing after this dream for so long that it seems impossible that I’ve finally reached it. But come June 12th, I can add published author to my list of accomplishments.

Before 30 no less.

I want to celebrate this success with all of you, so I’ve decided to run a new contest here on the blog. For those of you who won prizes from the last contest, I just received the ARCS, so I will send those out once I get back from NYC.

Speaking of NYC…this Wednesday I will be participating in my first book signing EVER…and where might you ask? BEA!!! That’s right, I’m heading to the largest book expo on this side of the Atlantic.

So how does this involve you? Starting Tuesday and ending Saturday, June 16th, I will be posting pictures of my novel, The Chosen Ones, out in the wild on my twitter @tiffanytruitt. Your job is to keep track of the various locations it visits. On June 16th, I will post the final picture and an e-mail account where you can send me your list. If you have all of the locations correct your name will be entered into a drawing…the winner of this drawing will have a character named after them in the sequel to The Chosen Ones…The Naturals.

So make sure you follow me on twitter @tiffanytruitt. Contest starts on Tuesday…Get Ready 🙂


6 thoughts on “Debut Novel Contest – Where in the World is The Chosen Ones?”

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