Even the Fatally Flawed Deserve to Fall in Love….

Even the fatally flawed deserve to fall in love…what the heck does that mean? Soon, you’ll have over 200 pages to help you find out. I am thrilled to announce….coming-soon

that’s right…I signed a book deal with Evernight Teen. Continuing my run with the wonderful world of small, dedicated, and author-centered and author- friendly publishers,  I have accepted a deal to publish my first YA Contemporary novel, The Language of Silence.

I will, of course, release more details into the world when I am allowed to, but what I can share right now is that I am super excited. This is a story I really love, and I am anxious to share it with the world. Dark. Gritty. Raw. And not always pretty. The Language of Silence follows two teenagers who learn that even the fatally flawed deserve to fall in love.



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