Summer Reading…Had Me a Blast!

Good Morning Blogging Friends,

Today, I am excited to share with you the first post of my latest blog series: Summer Reading…Had Me a Blast. Each week for the rest of the summer, I will be sharing with you reviews of my summer reads. I will be reading and reviewing everything from nonfiction to YA to New Adult. And you might, just might, have a chance to win all of my summer reads later this summer with the release of my first YA Contemporary novel, The Language of Silence.

So, let’s get reviewing:

Book: Don’t Look Back by Jennifer Armentrout

Genre: YA / Mystery

Summary: Samantha is a stranger in her own life. Until the night she disappeared with her best friend, Cassie, everyone said Sam had it all-popularity, wealth, and a dream boyfriend. 

Sam has resurfaced, but she has no recollection of who she was or what happened to her that night. As she tries to piece together her life from before, she realizes it’s one she no longer wants any part of. The old Sam took “mean girl” to a whole new level, and it’s clear she and Cassie were more like best enemies. Sam is pretty sure that losing her memories is like winning the lottery. She’s getting a second chance at being a better daughter, sister, and friend, and she’s falling hard for Carson Ortiz, a boy who has always looked out for her-even if the old Sam treated him like trash. 

But Cassie is still missing, and the facts about what happened to her that night aren’t just buried deep inside of Sam’s memory-someone else knows, someone who wants to make sure Sam stays quiet. All Sam wants is the truth, and if she can unlock her clouded memories of that fateful night, she can finally move on. But what if not remembering is the only thing keeping Sam alive?



There are two things you should know about me. 1) I LOVE mysteries. Ever since being introduced to the works of R.L Stine and Agatha Christie, I have sought the perfect mystery. Which leads me to the second thing you should know about me—(2) I am freakishly good at guessing the endings of movies and books. Sixth Sense? Guessed it. Prisoners: Guessed it. With that being said, it should be known that I guessed the ending to Don’t Look Back within the first couple of chapters. This should not deter you from picking up the book. My crazy deductive skills are my cross to bear, and none of the students I shared the book with were able to guess the ending. But, if you share my affliction, I still implore you to give the book a chance.

51QnleMwlfLWhy? Because Armentrout has a knack for the teenage voice. She’s hip and fun without ever coming across as forced or fake. And she doesn’t shy away from tackling the issues that face young teens today. Instead of filling her novels with long bouts of brooding, introspective moaning (I’m certainly guilty of that), Armentrout deals with the hardships of teenage life with a bit of wit and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. And let’s be honest, she’s good with the heat. It’s part of the reason she is so popular with readers and the blogging community.

So, if you are looking for a fun, fast-paced summer read, this is a good mystery to pick up. Perfect for a day at the pool or beach.


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