It’s here…the day all authors simultaneously look forward to and sort of freak out about….book release day. I’m not sure how many readers know about the life cycle of a book, but it’s a long and tedious one. Something akin to actually giving birth. And, yes, before you ask, writing a book can be that bloody. Trust me.

This book took about a year and a half to come into this world. And while that’s not that long really in the grand scheme of publishing, it took about thirty years for me to become brave enough to write it. I was a lot like my main character, Annabel, for most of my life. I liked to have fun, sure, but I wasn’t really a risk taker. Ironically, it was that failure to take risks that often led me to make bad decisions.  Some things happened in my life (things I’m not quite ready to talk about with the whole world…heck, maybe, I will write a book about it all one day) that changed who I was as a person. And I think this book is about that. A letter to my former self, screaming: Just do it. Don’t be afraid. Go to China for ten days. Leave that relationship you’re unhappy with. Go to those music festivals and dance in the mud. Choose the wrong guy…cause it’s better than choosing a guy you don’t feel anything for. Don’t say no. Saying no doesn’t save you from anything (except jumping off the cliff cause your friends are…hell, just get a parachute).

I’m not saying this new life philosophy has brought me nothing but happiness. It has brought me some serious pain. But at least I’m feeling something. I don’t think most people do. Not truly.

That’s what this book is. It’s about saying yes to the unknown. There’s this quote I think sums it all up: “When I write, I make my memories tangible, and in this way I can get rid of them.” —Jorge Semprun  So, yeah, this book is pretty personal. Which is a scary thing, especially in a New Adult book where things gets…well, adult. So, before any friends or, God forbid, any ex boyfriends wonder if such and such is about them…don’t worry, it’s not some big tell all about the exploits of its author. It’s just a book that needed to be told by this author at this point in her life…and it’s fun and sad and hopeful. It’s about what life means to me.