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  1. Hello Ms. Truitt. I have stumbled across your book called the chosen ones. And it instantly grabbed my attention. The description and the setting as well. And I’m really a sucker for dystopian novels. But I have a question. Will the story of the book say how the third world war started as well as the fourth? I’m really sorry if I sound dumb asking this question. I’m just really excited for novels like yours or others. I wish you luck on your writing. Thank you for your time.

  2. Hello Ms.Truitt, I wanted to clarify the release of The Chosen Ones. B&N says it’ll release on June 12th, but on amazon where I preordered mine said it changes the release date to June 26th. I know you answered in one of the post the book will be release on the 12th…Just wanted a clarification so that I could send amazon a message to clear up the mistake. Thanks!

  3. Um…why does B&N say that I’ll be getting my paperback copy of Chosen Ones on July 3? What’s going on? I thought it was June 12. Is there something going on with the paperback versions that’s making it come out late?

  4. Hi Ms. Tiffany Truitt, I happen to see your book Chosen Ones at the library when I was looking for my dad a book and I got it and I just started it. And I am hooked! I love it. And I was wonder when next book is coming out? Whenever its I can’t wait!!!

  5. Hi Ms.Tiffany Truitt, I per-ordered the third book The Creators. Amazon sent me an email saying that it wasn’t shipped and it was unavailable in paperback the only copy they had was in Kindle I then checked Barnes & Noble, and The Book Depository they all said the same thing. I was wondering if The Creators will be out in paperback.

  6. It has been a good long time since a series captivated me so much. It’s been even longer that one ripped my heart out and had me sobbing grossly like I just watched, “Grave of the Fireflies”.

    Please change the “Author Wannabe” to “Actual Author”. You deserve it!

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