It’s The End Of The World….

…as I know it, and I feel fine.

Well, actually, I feel a plethora of dizzying, contradictory emotions as the end of my first books series, The Lost Souls Trilogy, comes to an end. I, no doubt, someday, will write quite a tome exploring my first voyage into the publishing world, but today I’m here to share some news.


Almost two years ago, Entangled Publishing sold the Lost Souls series to a publishing company in french-speaking Canada. Last week, I received my copies of :

  Les Êtres artificiels - 1     Les Naturels - 2

That’s right! I am now published in two languages. Granted, I don’t speak a lick of French except what I learned from watching multiple viewings of Moulin Rouge, but I’m still geeking out over the concept.

Pre-order Creators now for only 99cents:

Yes, you read that right. Right now, you can pre-order the ebook version of Creators for less than a dollar. The final installment in the series will be released to you on the novel’s release date, April 28th. You can order the print book version soon! But while you are waiting for that link to go live, order those ebook versions at a huge discount.

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The CREATORS blog tour will run both here on my personal blog and  slew of YA-centered blogs from April 21st to May 2nd.